Black seed oil – 750ml
9. December 2018
Black seed oil – 120ml
14. December 2018

Black seed oil – 500ml


Tasnim virgin cold pressed Black seed oil is produced in Austria under strict Production Run and quality control from the best ethiopian Nigella sativa seeds.


Black seed has been known since Antiquity as the seed that stimulates the physical energy and helps to recover from fatigue and discouragement. With the growing awareness in dealing with healthy eating this remarkable herb is experiencing a recent resurgence as a food supplement in our societies. Black seed oil has, among other things, a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid. It also contains essential oils that give him a particularly aromatic, spicy taste. Black seed oil can be used to garnish salads and other dishes. The native, cold-pressed “Tasnim” Black seed oil is made from the best Ethiopian Nigella sativa seeds under stringent conditions and quality control in Austria.


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