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14. December 2018
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14. December 2018

Collagen – 60 tablets


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Look younger with natural means!

Collagen is a protein which exists in the connective tissue and is a main part of it. As a result of its high density it has a strong resistance and tensile strength. It has various applications depending on the sector it is used in, and because of its positive effect on the elasticity of the skin it became famous in the cosmetic field. Since the ability of crèmes is confined on the outer layer of the skin [which has only a short effect], our offer is a good alternative for those who are searching for longer lasting improvement in their skin therapy. The tablets are containing bioactive peptides, which are small parts of collagen and are produced by a special process. Only in this form the deeper layers of the skin can be reached by the peptides through the bloodstream and thereby stimulate the collagen and Elastin production of water binding molecules. As a result the skin elasticity improves, the depth of wrinkles is reduced visibly and the moisture of the skin is increased. The collagen tablets contain vitamin C and copper as cofactors for an improved physiological activity.




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