Collagen – 60 tablets
14. December 2018
femi-step balance – 60 capsules
14. December 2018

Relax Balance – 60 capsules


Possible areas of applicaiion:

For insomnia induced by stress, anxiety or nervousness

Lemon balm leaf extract, modified
cellulose (capsule), cellulose (filler), valerian root
extract, hops flower extract, passion flower
blossom extract, lavender extract.

Recommende dosage:
take 1capsule 3 timesdaily with some liquid.

Ingredients per daily dose of 3 capsules:

Valerian root extract 50 mg thereof valeric acid 150 µg
Hops flower extract 50 mg thereof flavones 2 mg
Lavender extract 25 mg
Passion flower blossom extract 50 mg thereof flavones 2 mg
Lemon balm leaf extract 100 mg thereof rosmarinic acid 7 mg


Sleep disorders are deviations from the normal healthy sleep pattern, and are described so if they occur for more than 4 days. The most common cause is to be found in lasting physical and psychosocial congestion, or stressful situations that lead to disturbances in the endocrine system and hence to changes in the sleep-wake rhythm. Lemon balm extract is a total fraction from the leaves and stalks of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). Through the protected and gentle extraction process, an exceptionally high content of the polyphenolic drug group hydroxycinnamic acids, and in particular rosmarinic acid is achieved. Hydroxycinnamic acids are available in an organic form and regulate naturally the endocrine stress responses. This allows the organism to find back to a restful sleep.




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